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Visible and invisible disability - what's the difference?

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James Long
James Long

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"I have been somewhat long in answering your question,because the matter is one of importance. I might have disposedof your question more briefly by simply saying that nocontingency provided by the Constitution ever existed inwhich Mr. Tilden could lawfully or properly take the oath ofoffice as President. The idea that Mr. Tilden ever thoughtof taking the oath of office illegally is, in my judgment, quiteas preposterous as is the other idea that he would haveomitted to take it if any contingency had arisen in which itwas his right or duty to take it, or that any menace wouldhave had the slightest influence in preventing his performinghis whole obligations to the people. I will venture to saythat if it had been his right and duty to take the oath, hewould not have done so at the City Hall in New York surroundedby the forces which, according to Mr. Mines, GeneralWoodford pictured to his imagination, but at the Federalcapital, even though he had known that he would be kidnappedor subjected to a drum-head court martial five minutesafterwards. It is doubtless true that revolutionary ideas[560]were entertained by the hierarchy of office-holders in possessionof the government. General Grant did utter menacesin published interviews, and did make a display of militaryforce in Washington to overawe Congress. I presume thiswas a part of the system of intimidation for which he allowedhimself to be used by the office-holders and which was intendedto act upon public opinion through the fear of disturbanceas well as upon Congress. But it is safe to say thatwhatever other effects they produced they did not preventMr. Tilden from taking the oath of office, which he neverhad any lawful authority to take, in the absence of suchaction on the part of the House of Representatives as wouldhave fulfilled the conditions prescribed by the Constitution.The fear that he would do so, inducing the Republicans toswear their candidate into office privately on the Saturdayprevious to the commencement of the term of office besidesrepeating the ceremony at the inauguration, was born of aconsciousness that causes the wicked to flee when no manpursueth. I was aware that about that time Mr. Tilden'shome was besieged by emissaries of the press and the telegraphto know if the rumors to that effect which prevailedin Washington were true. This was a species of curiositywhich, I believe, Mr. Tilden did not consider it any part ofhis duty to relieve."

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