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We are members of the disability community, Deaf and Hard of Hearing, with lived experiences as practitioners of and participants in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) programs. Our services are based on our individual and collective education and experiences engaging clients and organizations in the disability community globally. We are making them available to companies that want to learn how to hire and retain people with disabilities in their DEI transitions.

Did You Ever Wonder...? 

You can make people with disabilities part of your DEI engine. Engage them and treat them with the same respect. The benefit is you will learn a bunch of new things such as American Sign Language and the Deaf culture which would inspire a positive work environment. 

Workshops and Tools Development

We work with you through cultural competencies workshops, presentations, and dialogues to increase awareness of DEI efforts. For example, responding to perceptions within the Deaf and Hard of Hearing community is tricky because of complex groups and sub-groups. It would increase on a global scale; hence the tools will be needed to develop to broaden the understanding of why specific responses work or fail.


Our team of consultants are all Deaf and Hard of Hearing, using different methods, better suited to communicate with the clients. Workshops, dialogues, and facilitation are taught in American Sign Language and voice-interpreted. Culturally, the Deaf community has different communication styles globally. 

Our Services

  • Initial consultation of company goals and needs

  • Development and orientation of an internal project team representing various departments and diversities within your company

  • Collective creation and delivery of confidentiality agreement and cultural assessment

  • DEI assessment tool 

  • Data analysis and group/individual debrief

  • Long-term strategies for improvement

  • On-going quality assurance metrics in place 

  • Employment Consulting

  • American Sign Language

  • Resources

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