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Visible and invisible disability - what's the difference?

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James Long
James Long

Rajkumar Dirty Talk With Kalpana ~REPACK~

The main actress Komalam who was supposed to play the role of Shakunthala elopes with Krishnan Kutty, a fellow artist. Sam is busy searching for a new face to enact Shakunthala. Accidentally, he meets up with Sreedevi Menon, with whom he falls in love. He attempts all methods to woo her and finally, she falls in. But Sam on the other hand acts like he hates Sreedevi for a dirty game she used to make Sam look bad in front of his family. To comfort Sam, Sreedevi takes the role of Shakunthala without the knowledge of Sam and her family.

Rajkumar Dirty Talk With Kalpana



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