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Challenge Coin Design Software __EXCLUSIVE__

Would you like to create your own challenge coinsYou will see two different systems(Automated Quotation System & Online Design System) at GS-JJ. Automated Quotation System provides you a framework on how to make custom challenge coins online. Online Design System will offer you huge creative space for free. Both of them will help you make your own custom coins style easier and faster.

challenge coin design software


Customers often wonder the difference between 2D and 3D challenge coins. We understand that the industry jargon can be confusing, but to keep things simple, 3d challenge coins allow for sculpture style relief, where the raised artwork has smooth transitions between details. 2D challenge coins have a raised flat feel where all the raised metal sits at the same height, they essentially have two levels of metal height, while 3D coins have unlimited levels of metal heights

Many of our competitors have a tough time with 3D challenge coins and colors, antique plating or other custom features. This is where US DOD Coins shines. We love the creativity and uniqueness that 3D coins provide, and love creating a lasting that award commemorates your units achievements.

A challenge coin is a coin or medallion, bearing an insignia or emblem and carried by the members of the organization. Traditionally, they are given to prove membership when challenged and to enhance morale. Also, they are usually collected by service members.

You can use any graphic design software to create your design. Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Corel Draw are the most popular choices to choose. Also, if you don't want to take that responsibility, Coin companies usually have Graphic Designers in-house to help with the design part of the process.

Most Coin Companies will require full payment upfront for production. Reseller of collective challenge coins sometimes makes pre-orders to its clients so they can fund the coin project before its even made.

Want a coin with a spinner feature? This vector design guide will help you know the specific design details and regulations needed to submit your own vector artwork. Compatible with any vector program.

Creating custom artwork for a dog tag coin? This vector design guide will help you know the specific limitations and design details needed to submit your own custom artwork. Compatible with any vector program.

Interested in submitting your own custom artwork for a coin? This vector design guide will help you know the limitations and details needed to submit your own artwork. Compatible with any vector program.

We have designed and made thousands of custom challenge coin designs and we can help you with your coin project too. We have created a helpful downloadable template that you can use to begin the design process of your challenge coin as well as additional resources to help you make the best challenge coin yet.

If you don't have image editing software and would like to create your challenge coin design, here are 15 freetemplates to use courtesy of Cobra Coins. Download the template right for you and print a second for the back side.Draw your design, then email both to us. We have 15 challenge coin templates to choose from! Our bottle openertemplates are at the bottom...*If you know someone who creates graphics, show them this page. Remember:we can help, too. Email us a good description of your coin so we may create yourincredible coin design - at zero cost to you.Follow @cobracoins1. Blank coin template. No borders and no edges to get creative.Download and start designing!2. Template with a diamond edge cut around the edge.Download and start designing!3. Template with a swirl edge cut around the edge.Download and start designing!4. Template with a wave cut around the edge.Download and start designing!5. Template with a petal edge cut around the edge.Download and start designing!6. Template with a ring for text around your coin.Download and start designing!7. Same as above - the shaded area is removed so you can add color.Download and start designing!8. Template with a very thin border around the edge of your coin. Beaded borders are also available.Download and start designing!9. Template with a diamond edge cut and a text ring all the way around.Download and start designing!10. Template with a swirl edge cut and a text ring all the way around.Download and start designing!11. Template with a wave edge cut and a text ring all the way around.Download and start designing!12. Template with a petal edge cut and a text ring all the way around.Download and start designing!13. Template without any design. Create your own custom shaped coin.Download and start designing!14. Template for a bottle opener.Download and start designing!15. Template for a bottle opener.Download and start designing!You've completed designing your challenge what? Email them to us or take clear photos of your coin design and email them: for a fast quote!2nd option: scan the images at 300 DPI (also known as dots per inch, resolution or pixels), then save as .jpg or .pdf. Email those images: We'll send you afree coin quote ASAP - check your Spam folder!We're here to help. If you have any questions, please don'thesitate to ask: FreeQuote@cobracoins.comCoin OptionsThe three most common sizes requested are 1.5 inches, 1.75 inches and 2 inches. We can also mint your coin tonearly any size specifications. With 11 different coin metals to choose from and our numerous coin options, your coindesigns are endless. You'll get exactly what you want - every time.Oh man, my wife is asking me to dance to Vivir Mi Vida by Marc Anthony. I'm a Photoshop and computer nerd - I can'tdance. No one reads this far down anyway. Woman, I'm trying to pay our car bills!Other coin options we offer are reed edges, epoxy (also called clear coating) and edge cuts such as diamond, swirl, wave andpetal. We can also individually number your coins - creating almost anything you need.Metal ExamplesSend us your completed design for a free, no obligation coin quote.Contact us today!

Pilots, teams and U.S. soldiers have the right to take their morale seriously. These servicemen and women have helped us to carry the tradition of challenge coins into many walks of life. Though also found among police officers and veterans, firefighters have even adopted the challenge-coin tradition. The best way to use a challenge coin depends on you, your organization and the friendships you share in a group.

As a medium of exchange, challenge coins can be used as bartering tools for favors or actual objects. Since not every coin is limited to a single group, some collectors, though certainly not at a store, can use their collection for strategic purchases. Challenge coins, being attractive and well-made, might even help you to lead those following you as they hope to receive recognition via your coin. Some coins are precious metals that are valued at the prices of gold and silver.

One of the most prominent stories regarding challenge coins comes from a World War I tale. An American soldier received an emblem that he cherishes within a leather pouch worn around his neck. This same soldier is eventually captured by German enemies. He escapes one night and encounters his American forces who are skeptical of him. The medallion he received from his officer and held in his pouch is what keeps him from being killed by a firing squad.

In recent years, U.S. presidents have gone public when minting and distributing their own challenge coins. These coins come as surprise honors for servicemen working with the president. Other coins are minted for special occasions with and for foreign diplomats. Each president has the command to customize their own coins while minting any number of them.

A civilian can give a challenge coin to anyone, but it depends on where the coin is from or who it belonged to. A civilian with a military coin might have encountered it by accident. In a more unique case, civilians might want to honor their servicemen with a challenge coin directly from their hands. Here are the factors to consider when civilians give or issue their own coins:

New challenge coins are minted each year. Today, you can customize your own coin and distribute it to whomever you like. By using durable metals and dyes, we can design your coin to be polished, colored and even raised upon its surface. Buying these coins in bulk packages is how many groups save money. You can get your challenge coins online and start the process with all of the resources you need for an ideal mint.

To make a challenge coin mold, specialists use a Computer-Aided Design (CAD) a CNC machine, CAM software, and a steel block. CAD is a computer program that helps create digital blueprints of the designs needed when manufacturing challenge coins. This program uses the artwork of a challenge coin and will map out the dimensions and tolerances of the challenge coin.

Deburring a challenge coin involves smoothening any sharp ridges and removing spurs. It involves using a machine that has a porous stone, soap and water to smoothen a challenge coin. The porous stone will rub against the coins, smoothening their surfaces.

You can colorfill your challenge coins by hand, or you can use a color-filling machine. To colorfill coins by hand, one would need to use special syringes. Using these syringes, colors are added to the recessed areas on challenge coins. Once these colors have been added, the coins are then put back into a hot oven and removed after some time. 350c69d7ab


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